"Stunning" | "Luxurious" | "Superb"...

These are all words our clients have used to describe their Serenity Charter experience - we're 100% confident you will too.

At 35 foot, Serenity is a large, imposing and sleek luxury Sealine sports cruiser and wouldn't look out of place in any posh Mediterranean marina.

Serenity is powered by two large Volvo engines offering a huge 440 horse power. At sea Serenity can hit speeds in excess of 30 MPH... but don't worry, on the Norfolk Broads she's just as happy cruising along at just 5.



Sit, sunbathe or... snooze!

Whatever you want from your luxury cruise we can deliver it.

Relax, sip champagne and enjoy the comfortable seating area on the main deck... if you prefer, move forward to the bow (front), a perfect spot for photography and sunbathing. If the champagne and sun makes you sleepy, why not stretch out on the deck lounger and snooze the afternoon away!

Down stairs offers our clients a spacious seated galley area and WC facilities. With small windows the view isn't great, but it does stay cool so ideal for storing your picnic, bags and coats! We also have a flat-screen TV/DVD player should you be cruising with young children.

Serenity is a high spec and high class boat just waiting for you to enjoy.


Sunshine or showers

The one thing sadly we can't control is the great British weather - but don't let this put you off.

The canopy on Serenity works in a similar way to a convertible car. When it's dry and sunny we can remove parts (or all) of the canopy and if it's cold and wet the canopy will offer full protection from anything that Mother Nature can throw at us - without compromising your cruise in anyway. On sunny but windy days we can remove certain parts of the canopy to allow the sun in but keep the wind out.  


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The Boat

Serenity Charter

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