Serenity Charter terms and conditions

By booking your cruise with Serenity Charter you are agreeing to the conditions below. They are in place to ensure your safety and that of others on board at all times.


Health and Safety – Whilst your charter Skipper is fully qualified and licensed to manage all aspects of the boat, medical emergencies and fire safety; by boarding the boat you agree to act in a responsible way that will not endanger your safety or that of others on board.
Before commencing your luxury cruise, your charter Skipper requires your full attention for a short safety briefing. By boarding the boat you agree to comply with this and act within its guidelines. No claims may be made against Serenity Charter for accidents/injuries caused by acts of misadventure outside of our safety guidelines.

Alcohol and open-water can be a dangerous combination. Whilst we don't discourage a drink or two to compliment your luxury cruise; anyone deemed to be behaving dangerously, irresponsibly, inappropriately, abusively/violently (through excess alcohol or other factors), thus compromising the safety of themselves, the crew or other guests, risk instant cruise termination for all on board.  In this situation, the Skipper’s decision is final and the boat will either be returned to the marina or moored at the nearest available location and the cruise will terminate immediately with no refund. Returning to your vehicles/start point will be your responsibility and done so at your own cost. Any sickness (vomiting), either in the toilet or anywhere on, or over the side of the boat (or inflatable rib) as a result of excess alcohol will also result in immediate cruise termination with no refund given.

For the comfort and safety of all on-board, Serenity Charter operates a no-smoking policy whilst on-board and whilst using our inflatable rib. Regular ‘smoking stops’ can be made if needed.  
Moving around the rear deck of the boat is safe with no risk of entering the water.  Accessing the bow (front) of the boat does however incorporate a small risk of falling. No access to this area will be given to anyone appearing ‘under the influence of alcohol’. Access to the bow will only be permitted in dry weather; with soft, flat shoes and with the awareness of your Skipper. By accessing the bow, you do so at your own risk and accept that your risk of entering the water increases. Life jackets are available and recommended when accessing the bow. 
When booking (and using) our inflatable rib you accept that you do so completely at your own risk. You accept liability for any damage you cause (to the rib and to other vessels/fixed objects) through collision or improper use by you. Whilst responsible and sensible usage is great fun and completely safe with minimal chance of falling into the water, any 'horseplay' or attempting to stand/dance (or similar) whilst the rib in motion will greatly increase your chances of falling (either into the water or onto someone else, causing injury to yourself and/or others). No liability will be accepted by Serenity Charter in these circumstances.
Operating our outboard motor is safe and simple. You however do so at your own risk and no claims may be made against Serenity Charter for any injury caused in any way from the engine or by collision with another vessel or fixed object whilst you are in control (or out of control).
Whilst moving from our main boat to the rib (and vice versa), you are at the greatest risk of falling into the water. Life jackets are strongly recommended at this time and at all times when using the inflatable rib. Failure to demonstrate safe, sensible/responsible usage will result in the rib being removed from the water with no refund of the additional rib cost.
Children are welcome to use our rib but only under the guidance of a parent/guardian/responsible adult who will then become liable for any damage the child causes to the rib/engine or other vessel/fixed objects. Whilst using and operating our inflatable rib you agree to stay within the broad that we are anchored or moored in; you agree not to venture out on to the main waterway.
Whilst operating our inflatable rib, you agree to observe, and operate within the relevant speed limits (and/or other rules/restrictions issued by The Broads Authority. As the operator of the rib/engine, you will be liable and responsible for any fines imposed by The Broads Authority should they deem you to be speeding or operating outside of their laws. 

Booking conditions – All bookings will be confirmed with you in writing (via email) stating the start/end time and the start location of your cruise. Late arrival could result in lost cruising time and not made-up at the end if there is another booking following you. By booking with Serenity Charter you agree to our booking policy, and health and safety conditions.
Payment for charter of Serenity (and any additional food or additional extras) must be paid in full at the time of booking.
Payment may be made by BACS (online banking) or by cheques payable to ‘Serenity Charter’. Payment by cheque must be at least two weeks prior to booking to allow clearance. Our bank details for BACS payments will be supplied with our booking form.

Cancellation by you: Due to the nature of our business, cancellation of your booking will result in the loss of full payment.
Cancellation by Serenity Charter: In the unlikely event of a cancellation by Serenity Charter (due to dangerous weather/ill health/boat malfunction) a full refund will be offered or a rescheduled booking.
Any food served by Serenity Charter may contain traces of nuts/wheat/lactose. 


We look forward to a safe and enjoyable day on the water with you.







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Booking terms and conditions

Serenity Charter

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